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  • Small Depilator
  • Small Depilator
  • Small Depilator
Item Code:no Features:Depilator for small farms, economical, simple and useful.
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Model                                      DS-50                DS-55                     DS-60

Weight                                     80kg                  85kg                        90kg

InsideBarrelDiameter          500mm             550mm                   600mm
Packingsize(mm)                 680x630x960    700x650x960          780x730x960

Electric                                        220V                   220V                       220V

Power                                          1.1kw                  1.5kw                      1.5kw

Motor Speed        1400rpm/minute


                   2-3               4-5        5-8  

Price            USD210              USD260     USD300

Thickness of the circular charging basket 0.6mm(stainless steel #430)
Thickness of the square shape ledger wall 0.4mm(stainless steel #430)

Spare Parts for free 40pcs plucker fingers


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